Recycling Initiative

As a step towards the recycling initiative our company Saibaba Garments has collaborated with ReCircle and Sampurnearth

ReCircle aims to divert waste from festering in landfills and our water bodies by building sustainably advantaged innovative systems to retrieve and repurpose waste

Sampurnearth provides context based decentralized solid waste management solutions which are environmentally friendly, actively engage waste pickers and are profitable.
Sampurnearth Environment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. envisions a world where waste is transformed into utilizable resources without exploitation of people or the planet

Work In Progress

How You Make An Impact?

We have a dual purpose in  our recycling initiative along with saving the environment from the harmful effects which have been caused in the past due to ignorant ways of disposing of  waste material  which are now being diverted towards the social cause from this year .

All the proceeds that we have generated through our recycling initiative have been diverted towards various NGOs thereby supporting a Noble cause.